Quiz for Lessons 231 – 235 – Parts of the Sentence – Adverb Infinitives

Instructions: Find the infinitives or infinitive phrases in these sentences and tell what word they modify.
1. The salesman is likely to go and to return in one day.
2. The crowd had come to demonstrate against his cruelty.
3. I would be happy to help you.
4. Frightened by the bear, I was unable to move or run.
5. No one came to see the old man.
6. The commentator stopped to clarify his statement.
7. In this storm it is hard to see.
8. The deer returned to eat more from our yard.
9. We stopped to view the beautiful sunset.
10. I was able to grab the rope and climb to safety.
–For answers scroll down.

1. to go/to return in one day modify the predicate adjective likely
2. to demonstrate against his cruelty modifies the verb had come
3. to help you modifies the predicate adjective happy
4. to move/(to) run modify the predicate adjective unable
5. to see the old man modifies the verb came
6. to clarify his statement modifies the verb stopped
7. to see modifies the predicate adjective hard
8. to eat more from our yard modifies the verb returned
9. to view the beautiful sunset modifies the verb stopped
10. to grab the rope/(to) climb to safety modify the predicate adjective able

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